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We create interactive, modern, eye-catching websites. We help you build strong online presence for your business by creating a professional website which best suits your needs and target audience.

Raasamaal Technology Provides Web Hosting and Domain Registration. We also specializes in doing different IT Solution Services.

“We Lead but not Follow.”
-Raasamaala’s main mission

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“Thank you very Much for your service and non-hesitant support. I personally can’t compare you other companies, because you provided as what we could get others. Thank you Raasamaal.”  — Abdi Kahin / Oodweyne News
“Hore u socda ayaan idin odhan lahaa, runtii ma arag shirkad meel isugu keentay adeegyo qiimo badan oo bulshadu u baahan tahay.”  — Abdirashid Mohamed / Refugees for Prosperity
“I can tell that you really know your customes’ needs. I am satisfied with your service and hospitality”  — Fahma Yusuf / VOSWO


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Hargeisa, Somaliland
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